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Bren Beard,  L.C.S.W., Certified AAIT™ Practitioner
Board Member - AAIT™ Institute

Brenda Beard LCSW, Certified AAIT Practitioner and Ordained Minister Loving, Spiritual, Light hearted, Nonjudgemental, Generous, Wise, Provoking Daughter of the Universe
Who cares deeply about ending suffering of all beings
Who feels joy when observing the growth of her clients
Who needs to convey we are all the same
Who gives her life passion to serving people
Who fears the furnace monster and the eerie anglerfish (Google it!)
Resident soul of her earthly meat suit

My AAIT™ journey has been professional as well as personal. AAIT™ has become the ‘how’ in the therapeutic process. The transformation from the conditioned self to the true self has been life enhancing and life saving for myself and my clients. Being asked to be a founding mother of Alliance for Integrated Awareness enables me to build a crucible to address the mental health crisis in underserved communities and the mental health providers who serve those communities.

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