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Freedom from the past.  Peace in the present.

The Alliance for Integrated Awareness (AIA) was founded to help people heal from trauma and facilitate relief from psychological pain, via the practice of Acceptance and Integration Training® (AAIT™).


Your gift can bring the healing power of AAIT™ to those who may benefit from it the most.


$150.00 ($12.50/month)        

Provides 2 AAIT Curate Your State trauma-informed coaching sessions to individuals from at-risk communities


$300.00 ($25.00/month)        

Provides an individual from an at-risk community the opportunity to attend the full 6-week AAIT Curate Your State trauma-informed coaching program


$600.00 ($50.00/month)        

Provides 1 AAIT Foundations Training Course scholarship for a therapist serving at-risk communities


$1200.00 ($100.00/month)    

Provides 2 AAIT Foundations Training Course scholarships for therapists serving at-risk communities


$4800.00 ($400.00/month)    

Provides 1 AAIT Fellowship Training Group Certification Course scholarship for a therapist serving at-risk communities

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AAIT™ Curate Your State for At-Risk Communities 
Free AAIT™ Life Coaching for groups in at-risk communities

Alliance for Integrated Awareness (AIA) partners with certified AAIT™ Practitioners to give individuals in at-risk communities tools to thrive by using the healing protocols of Acceptance and Integration Training® (AAIT™ ).  As participants work with the AAIT™ Practitioners, they will learn skills to effectively manage their emotions when experiencing distress, dysregulation and triggering moments caused by the challenges of life.  With AAIT™, participants will learn easy to apply and practical skills to enhance their own mental health and well being.


AAIT™ Certification Scholarships
Scholarships for practitioners to attend AAIT™ Training Courses

AIA provides AAIT™ Institute scholarships to practitioners serving at-risk populations.  Scholarships support training and the certification of practitioners in Acceptance and Integration Training (AAIT™).

Do you serve at-risk or underserved populations and would like to learn the effective techniques of AAIT™?  If so, apply for a scholarship to our next Foundations or Fellowship Training Group (AAIT™ Certification) courses. 

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