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Jhaniyah Holland
Board Member - Fundraising

Jhaniyah launched her professional career by becoming a licensed esthetician in 2021.  She is an ambitious entrepreneur who started her own beauty and retail business in the Knoxville community.  To increase her business skills, she participated in the Career Readiness Program at SEEED Knox where she enhanced her business skills and began channeling her efforts into community engagement.  She leads the Youth Summer Bootcamp at SEEED Knox and is a member of an upcoming gun violence interruption program as well.  

Jhaniyah envisions her future career to include helping others break generational challenges that come from trauma and hardships faced in life.  She wants to do this by continuing to participate in community service projects and by building her business to include a learning culture for young women who are interested in the beauty and retail industry.

From Jhaniyah:

Being a victim of childhood trauma, I am excited to be a part of AIA and to spread awareness of AAIT™ to help people heal internally.  Together, we can bring pathways of success to all.

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