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AIA Community Cares Salon Registration

AIA Community Cares Salon


On Monday May 15th from 6 to 7:30p Melanie McGhee LCSW is hosting our first virtual AIA Community Cares Salon to support our practitioners. These meetings will be hosted at the same time quarterly covering different subjects each meeting. 

May 15th - Introducing AAIT to clients & Leaning into SERVE - Hosted by Melanie McGhee LCSW.

July 24th - DP2 and EoW Practice, Discussion, & Research - hosted by Jo Willey & Sarah Ridner.

October 23rd - Creative Applications of POVs - hosted by Sarah Ridner & Carla Winchester.

January 22nd - Supporting clients and ourselves with Embodiment Practice - Hosted by Bobby McNamara.

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