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AAIT™ Curate Your State for At-Risk Communities 
Free AAIT™ Trauma Sensitive Coaching for groups

Alliance for Integrated Awareness (AIA) partners with certified AAIT™ Practitioners to give individuals in at-risk communities tools to thrive by using the healing protocols of Acceptance and Integration Training® (AAIT™ ).  As participants work with the AAIT™ Practitioners, they will learn skills to effectively manage their emotions when experiencing distress, dysregulation and triggering moments caused by the challenges of life.  With AAIT™, participants will learn easy to apply and practical skills to enhance their own mental health and well being.


AAIT™ Training Scholarships
Scholarships for practitioners to attend Training

AIA provides AAIT™ Institute scholarships to practitioners serving at-risk populations.  Scholarships support training and the certification of practitioners in Acceptance and Integration Training (AAIT™).

Do you serve at-risk or underserved populations and would like to learn the effective techniques of AAIT™?  If so, apply for a scholarship to our next Foundations or Fellowship Training Group (AAIT™ Certification) courses. 

AAIT™ Foundations Course Scholarship

AAIT™ Fellowship Training Group Course Scholarship

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