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Mary Vaishnavi Roberson, Ph.D.
Board Treasurer

A recently retired clinical psychologist of 34 years, I integrated Vedic astrology, yoga, meditation, and Ayurveda into my work with clients.  Evolution is a combination of knowledge and experience.  I have put myself in front of masters of these spiritual traditions and done my own regular spiritual sadhana since 1975!   Now I am coaching, using that lifetime of training, study and experience in the Vedic sciences. 

I took Melanie McGhee’s first offering of what is now AAIT.   Integrating my prime polarities was quite the spiritual experience for me!  While I was called to the Vedic sciences, Melanie and I have kept touch.   There was knowledge of my having served as treasurer for a number of nonprofits, as well as logging much business experience over the decades.  So, I got the call to serve AIA.  Seva is Sanskrit for “selfless service.”  AIA is a new addition to my golden years’ plan.

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